Premium PSN: Sony Speaks Up

December 24, 2009Written by Zak Islam

The possibility of PSN premium services have been the talk of the web as of late. Many rumors had been flying around, and a recent survey has added fuel to the flames of gamers upset about having to pay for access to the PlayStation Network. To clear things up, SCEE has given their position regarding premium PSN offerings.

Alessandro Di Leo, head of communications SCEE Italy spoke to 4News. This is what he had to say regarding Sony’s position in relation to the premium service:

When running on the Internet are only hypotheses; the service, as is currently, will remain free. What has been said, a few weeks ago, is the ability to expand services with other options in some cases may apply. But there is no news about (Mancini to the new content) and then it is too early to say anything.

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