PS3 Hardware Showing Strong Numbers in December

Recently the Media Create hardware figures and the Famitsu hardware figures have come in and they both paint a pretty picture for the PS3 over in Japan.  Though while the picture looks great for the PS3 and even the PSP, the same cannot be said for the PSPgo, which seems to be having trouble picking up any kind of steam.  Check out the full numbers for both below.

The Media Create Hardware Numbers for 12/14 – 12/20 for Sony’s products are below. As you can see the PS3 and PSP are both putting out very strong numbers though the PSPgo has barely found the numbers to push ahead of the PS2.

PS3 – 237,086

PSP – 79,194

PSP go – 3,260

PS2 – 2,982

The Famitsu Hardware Numbers for the same week came out a few days later and the numbers for the PSP, the Go and the PS2 are identical however the PS3 numbers are slightly higher per Famitsu with it selling 245,000 units, a 7,914 difference between the two. Either way December has been very good to the PS3 and with plenty of big name titles releasing early next year, these numbers should continue.