Wireless PS3 Lets You Play Your Favorites Somewhat On The Go

I don’t think Sony approved this!

So the PlayStation 3 has this feature called Remote Play. It allows you to play select games over the network on your PlayStation Portable/Go. Though great in its own right, Remote Play can’t hold a candle to this mod, which allows you to play any PlayStation 3 game without being parked in front of a television.


What you see above is the creation of a modder who goes by the benheck forums screen name techknott. If you’re wondering how in the heck he stuffed a PS3 into something smaller than the PS3 Slim, well…He didn’t. This is a Wireless Visual Interface, meaning the handheld is sort of a “dummy” unit that is basically a controller with a screen. A transmitter is hooked up to the PS3 and the audio and video is beamed over to the controller. Still mightily impressive, and techknott has posted that he plans to sell it.

For the technically-minded, here are the specs:

  • 4500maH Li-ion battery’s and recharge circuit with built-in LED capacity meter.
  • 5″ widescreen LCD
  • AV in port, headphones, usb mini and charge
  • 1.2ghz wireless AV receiver and ps3 remote.

No word on price or how many of these units he plans to make, but you can take a look at a video of it in action below: