PSP Go/PS3 Slim Retail Box Comparison


Leaked photos of the PS3 Slim have hit the ‘net courtesy of Level up (see photo above), and while it has the fans and haters alike clamoring that it’s an obvious fake, we are quite sure that it is not.

Sony has long been wanting to reduce the cost of production of the highest priced console (well worth every penny) on the market out of the big three.  This will help turn more of a profit for Sony, and allow for price cuts down the line.

The pics shown by Level up are quite bad, and rightfully so people are calling it a fake.  However the one thing that really stands out, and has me believing it’s real is the shot of the box.

The box has a strikingly similar layout as the PSP Go box.  The logo on the bottom left hand side, along with the PSN logo, and memory capacity on the bottom right hand side.  Also the Sony, and PlayStation logos in each respective upper corners.  Lastly the colored XMB wave “stripe” across the middle of the box with the PS3/PSP layered over it is the same on each box, just using a different color for each box.

This certainly adds a great deal of weight to the PS3 Slim box possibly being authentic.  Wouldn’t you agree?


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