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Official PSP Go Release Info, Photos, Video & Confirmed Specs


The PSP Go news doesn’t stop! Compliments of the leaked June Qore episode comes the release window, photos, video and confirmed specifications for the latest hardware revision for the PlayStation Portable.

In the June episode of Qore John Koller and Veronica Belmont confirm some of the specifications for PSP Go. This will not Replace the PSP-3000 for players that perfer a tangible product (UMD games and movies). UMDs will not disappear with the release of PSP Go, Sony will still support UMD.


  • Offical Name – PSP Go
  • 3.8″ LCD Screen
  • 43% Lighter then PSP-3000
  • 16GB Flash Memory
  • Memory Stick Micro Support
  • BlueTooth Support – HeadSet and Cellphone Support
  • All Digital Content (No UMD)
  • Slide Out Controls
  • Remote Play Support (just like PSP-3000)

Digital Content:

Coming Fall 2009!

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So what is your opinion on the new PSP Go?


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