SuperVillain Conjuring Up Unannounced PSP Project

SuperVillain Studios, the development team responsible for the PS3 to PSP port of flOw and the upcoming Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake are true to the name SuperVillain… Like any good Super Villain, they have a trick up their sleeve. This time the trick is an unannounced PSP project.

According to Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of SuperVillain Studios, Chris Rausch’s LinkedIn profile, the company is moving onto yet another PSP project. This yet-to-be announced PSP project is listed along side the rest of the games they’ve worked on, including the upcoming Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake which is currently still under development.

Because of SuperVillain Studios’ track record of releasing PSN titles converted for use on the PSP, speculation points to yet another PS3 to PSP port of a PlayStation Network game. As to what game it could be is anyone’s guess. What game would you like it to be? Or would you like to see a new game altogether? Comment below…

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