PSP / PlayStation Portable

parappa the rapper playstation classic 1

The PlayStation Classics: PaRappa the Rapper

I gotta believe.

The PlayStation Classics: Harvest Moon Back to Nature

Green acres is the place to be.

Klonoa Door to Phantomile PSOne Classic

The PlayStation Classics: Klonoa Door to Phantomile

Take Klonoa’s hand and journey into a dream land.

The PlayStation Classics: Persona 2 Eternal Punishment PSOne Classic

Persona-lly, I think Maya is the coolest.

arc the lad psone classic

The PlayStation Classics: Arc the Lad

The first part of a great trilogy.

tony hawk series

Tony Hawk Ranks His Video Game Series’ Soundtracks

He explains his choice of least favorite.

The PlayStation Classics: Mr. Driller

No one can stop him.

Pandemonium PlayStation Classic

The PlayStation Classics: Pandemonium

Simply magical.

MediEvil PlayStation Classic

The PlayStation Classics: MediEvil

It’s knight time.

Ridge Racer Type 4 PlayStation Classic

The PlayStation Classics: Ridge Racer Type 4

Baby, you can drive my car.

Jumping Flash PlayStation Classic

The PlayStation Classics: Jumping Flash!

It’s a gas.

Wild Arms PlayStation Classic

The PlayStation Classics: Wild Arms

Hey, I heard you were a wild one.

Tomb Raider PSone classic

The PlayStation Classics: Tomb Raider

Raiding tombs since 1996.

fifa franchise sales

EA’s FIFA Franchise Has Sold Over 260 Million Copies to Date

FIFA 18 alone sold over 24 million copies.

Saiyuki Journey West PSone

The PlayStation Classics: Saiyuki: Journey West

Go have some fun with Goku.

PaRappa PSP Emulator

Hackers Discover Working PaRappa PSP Emulator Hidden in PS4 Code

Sony is kind of their own worst enemy with this stuff, aren’t they?

Kingdom Hearts

15 Years Ago Kingdom Hearts Released in North America, Revisit the Series

Which is your favorite?

assassins creed series

Ubisoft Wasn’t Expecting Assassin’s Creed to Be Such a Success, Says Producer

The series is “well past” 100 million.

PS4 Deals - PlayStation Store Sales

PlayStation Store Sales in North America: Week of August 15, 2017

Look out for the Attack of the Blockbuster sale!

February 2018 PSN Flash Sale Is Live, View the Deals

July 2017 PSN Flash Sale Is Live, Here’s All the Deals

It starts a day early!