New study makes strong case for PS3 emulation

87% of Games Released Before 2010 Are at Risk of Disappearing Forever, Study Finds

A new study has made a strong case for PS3 emulation and video game preservation as it finds that we’re at the risk of losing 87% of games released before 2010 forever. Copyright laws in the U.S. have made game preservation a particularly difficult task as the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) locks horns with preservationists and academics.

PS3 emulation continues to be a hot topic among PlayStation fans

As part of the aforementioned study, the Video Game History Foundation (VGHF) found that only 13% of the games released in the U.S. prior to 2010 are commercially available, which means that unless players own old hardware or companies choose to offer a version of said games on modern platforms, there’s no way to access the remaining 87% of titles.

The ESA has long fought emulation and video game preservation, arguing successfully to the U.S. Copyright Office that the industry is equipped to preserve its own history. However, VGHF disputes this.

PS3 emulation has long been debated by the PlayStation community, with some arguing that the console’s architecture has complicated emulation. However, others argue that Sony simply hasn’t shown any interest in preserving the PS3’s library. Currently, only some PS3 classics can be streamed via PS Plus Premium in regions where streaming is available.