Consumer spending on subscriptions like PS Plus and Game Pass has stalled.

Game Subscriptions, Microtransactions Top Christmas Wish Lists in U.S.

A survey conducted by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has found that game subscriptions like PS Plus and Game Pass and in-game currency are some of the most wish-listed Christmas 2023 items among kids in the United States. Physical games are among the least requested gaming products.

Previous reports say that spending on services like PS Plus and Game Pass has stalled

ESA’s survey has its limitations due to the sample population of 500 adults and 501 children, but it’s an interesting one in light of recent reports claiming that subscription spending has stalled in the U.S.

A whopping 72% of children surveyed wanted gaming products for Christmas 2023. 39% of those who asked for gaming products wanted game subscriptions as gifts, followed by game consoles (38%), gaming gear and accessories (32%), in-game currency and microtransactions (29%), and finally, physical games (only 22%).

ESA’s press release didn’t provide a breakdown of what the adults want, presumably because it’s aimed towards guiding parents for Christmas shopping. However, we did learn that one in three adults surveyed wanted to either gift themselves a gaming product or gift it to someone else. They expect to spend around $450-$500 on video game gifts.