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Inside Trump Video Game Meeting: Attendees Watch Demo Reel of Violent Video Games

Both sides stuck to their own talking points

Guest List For Trump Video Game Meeting Released, Said to Be ‘First of Many’ Meetings

Deck seems to be stacked with anti-video game proponents.

The ESA Confirms They Are Meeting With Trump This Week About Violent Video Games

The ESA asserts that the is no evidence that connects violence to video games.

The ESA Issues a Statement Condemning Trump’s Racist Comments

Calls the comments “repulsive.”

E3 2017 Exhibitor Claims Security Guards Stole Equipment as More Security-Related Incidents Surface

ESA has some explaining to do.

ESA Criticized for Apparent Lack of Security at E3 2017, Organizer Says Security Is Its Prime Concern

Some folks claim to have entered without passes.

ESA Files Suit Against Chicago Online Game Tax

Fight the power!

ESA Claims 65 Percent of American Households Play Video Games

That’s a lot of gamers.

PS4 Deals - PlayStation Store Sales

74 Percent of US Video Game-Related Sales Are Now Digital

Digital is now.

Games Industry Contributed $11.7B to USA’s GDP in 2015, Employee Compensation Averaged $97K

Quite a few interesting statistics in here.

E3 2017 Is Open to the Public, 15,000 Tickets Go on Sale This Monday

Buy them on February 13 for $150.

E3 2017 Dates Revealed, E3 2016 Drew Over 70,000 Attendees

Less than a year until we do this all over again!

ESA Survey Suggests a Drop in Percentage of US Households That Own Consoles

For the first time in years.

E3 is “Essential and Critical” to the Games Industry, Claims ESA

ESA is considering inviting consumers to the expo.

Gaming Community “Deserves Better” Than NPD Data, Says Entertainment Software Association

It doesn’t paint the full picture, they say.

Over 52,000 People From 109 Countries Attended E3 2015

Record number of E3 posts on social media.

ESA Report Shows Digital Games Being Purchased More Than Physical Ones

Also, find out which game genre is the most popular!

ESA Says Preservation of Old Games Encourages Hacking Amid Dispute With Digital Rights Group

ESA wants to discourage use of modified consoles for research.

Report: Video Game Industry is Actually Growing Faster than the U.S. Economy

Good job, video game industry!

Video Game Degrees in the US Increased by 50% in the Last Five Years

390 colleges offering video game courses across the US.