PlayStation E3 2010
Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment via NoClip

PlayStation E3 2010 Press Conference Starring Kevin Butler Revived by Preservationists

Video game preservationists and documentary makers NoClip have revived and restored the PlayStation E3 2010 press conference in 1080p glory. Truly a blast from the past, the PS3 era presser stars beloved (fake) Sony executive Kevin Butler portrayed by actor Jerry Lambert.

PlayStation E3 2010 features Killzone 3, Infamous 2, Twisted Metal, and more

The entire two-hour press conference has been revived as part of a major ongoing project by NoClip to preserve video game history — a massive undertaking worthy of praise. The presser features gems like Killzone 3, Twisted Metal, Infamous 2, Final Fantasy XIV, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Medal of Honor, and more.

Among famous former (real) Sony executives, we see Jack Tretton and Kaz Hirai. Hermen Hulst — who now leads PlayStation Studios — made an appearance to showcase Killzone 3 on behalf of Guerrilla Games, which he previously led. E3 2010 was also the last time we saw Valve featured in a Sony press conference with Portal 2.

The gaming landscape has certainly changed significantly over the last decade. PlayStation no longer appears at major industry events, preferring its own digital events and online blog instead. E3 — once the biggest games industry event — is now as good as dead.