Mega Man 10 Will Be A Solo Affair

Loner 😛

Mega Man 10, currently in development by Inti Creates and Capcom, is going to be a retro nod, much like its predecessor, Mega Man 9. This will also include the number of players, it would seem.

Featuring Megaman and Protoman separately!

As spotted in an IGN hands-on preview by website (get ready for this), Capcom quickly let it be known at CES that Mega Man 10 will not feature co-op. This was despite loud rumors and the emphasis on the partnership between main characters Mega and Proto within the game’s story. Also revealed is an easy mode of the game, which has been compared to the difficulty in Mega Man 2. This mode covers pits, removes enemies, and just generally makes the game easier for those of us who aren’t as quick to respond to this game’s old-school difficulty. Mega Man 10 will release in March for $10 USD.