Split/Second Crashes to Release Window

Disney Interactive have announced of a release window for their new racing game, Split/Second.  The title is currently in development by Black Rock Studio , the team behind the exciting and fun game PURE.  The game looks to take racing and destruction to a whole new level and well who does not like driving a car and big explosions?

In Split/Second you have been recruited to join an elite group of racers who compete in a globally broad casted even that just so happens to be called Split/Second.  The goal here is simple, race yourself to number one across 24 grueling and explosive episodes while staying in one piece.  Use not only your speed but also the environment around you to strategically advance past your competition.  The game is said to feature plenty of Hollywood explosions that can open up shortcuts to victory.

Split/Second is set for release this May.  We will keep you up to date with details of the game until a release date is given.