White Knight Chronicles International to Reach 100 Online Quests

Just a few months from finally releasing outside of Japan, White Knight Chronicles is coming in with plenty of expectations and a lot of content inside the 60 dollar package.  With over 100 hours of content between the single player campaign and the online multiplayer,  there should be plenty to do on February 2nd, and even more from the looks of it.

In a hands on video interview with GameSpot, Kumi Yuasa, Associate Producer over at SCEA made mention that there is exactly 51 Online quests to be played at the launch of the game.  The big news however is that DLC is in the works and while she would not spill the beans on details or dates, she did let slip that right now there are 56 quests in the works for the DLC.  When that DLC hits, it will bump the quests online to over 100, giving the player more than enough bang for their buck.

For more information on the online feature in this game, check out the video here. White Knight Chronicles International is set for release on February 2nd.