Sony’s Motion Controller Named

Since it’s debut at E3 2009, Sony’s Motion Controller hasn’t had an officialname. Thus far, it has only gone by internal codename Gem, which was accidentally outed by EA CEO John Riccittiello at a recent conference. Now, sources close to Sony are saying the name has been finalized…

According to a “concrete source” speaking to VG247 “under conditions of strict anonymity”, Sony’s Motion Controller will be named “Arc”.

The word Arc has multiple definitions in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, most of which are fitting for the motion controller. So the name Arc definitely makes sense for a wand with a glowing globe at the end, which you swing all around.

There hasn’t been any confirmation from Sony, but SCEE have refused to comment on “rumour or speculation” when VG27 contacted them for as statement.

Chalk this up to a rumor for now, but this seems likely. Expect “Arc” to release later this year.