New PS3 Exclusive Shots of 3D Dots… Game Heros

After seeing a worldwide release of the title, which has already hit Japan, Atlus U.S.A have today released the first English screenshots and a tempting price for the upcoming release of PS3 exclusive retro action-adventure game, 3D Dot Game Heroes.

3D Dot Game Heroes has received its first localized screens for the western release of the unique exclusive. The title delivers a completely unique art style and bears a resemblance to the Legend of Zelda franchise. The action-adventure game also receives a tempting price of $39.99.

Crystal Murray, PR Specialist at Atlus comments on his delight regarding the screens:

All the talk so far seems to be about 3D Dot Game Heroes’ lush visuals. While the game is indeed a looker, we’re very excited to be able to release the first localized screens of the game, which give the game’s hilarious, tongue-in-cheek script a chance to shine. While players are drowning in a sea of nostalgia thanks to the game’s euphoric old-school gameplay and retro sexy art, they’ll be treated to an endless stream of parodies and witty references to past gaming classics. Of course, as if these weren’t reason enough to give the game a chance when it releases on May 11th, have we mentioned it’s only $39.99?

Check out the screens below:

The title will let loose on the sea of nostalgia on May 11, 2010.