Yakuza 3 Getting Preorder DLC Incentives

After Yakuza 3‘s recent confirmation of the UK release of the PS3 exclusive brawler, GameStop has confirmed that it will be offering a “Challenge Pack” DLC for those who pre-order the title.

Gamestop have listed a offer which comes with pre-ordering the upcoming western release of Yakuza 3. Gamers who reserve their copy at GameStop will receive a “Challenge Pack” DLC.

The DLC includes two player mini-games like bowling, darts, golf and pool.  It’ll also contain four different outfits.

Reserve Yakuza 3 and get the GameStop Exclusive Challenge Pack. Challenge your friends in 2-player mini-games including pool, darts, bowling , or take in a round of golf! This special pre-sell offer also includes a selection of four different outfits for Haruka, Kazuma and Rikiya to wear.

Yakuza 3 will release worldwide in March and Japan will receive the sequel of the fighter on March 18.