Borderlands to Further Extend Borders

Few would have guessed that Gearbox’s ‘First-Person RPG’, Borderlands, would have turned out to be the Best Selling New IP of 2009, having sold over 2 million copies worldwide. Fans of the surprise hit have been rewarded with two DLC packs so far, and the good news is that best has yet to come.

In an interview with IGN, President Randy Pitchford talked about the success of the title and said that even more DLC will be arriving soon:

We are investing a lot of time in supporting the game with free updates and paid downloadable content. There will be some announcements on both fronts soon, I expect. We have a lot of motivation to do more with the game and have a lot of lessons we’re applying not only to our immediate efforts, but to our ambitions for the future. I don’t have anything specifics to announce at this time, though.

It has also been revealed that the level cap will be increased and that the current DLC being worked on is the largest to date.

It seems the future is bright for the Borderlands franchise, as 2K Games has exclusive publishing rights for the title for many years to come. Once more information about  future DLC and updates is released, we’ll be sure to let you know.