Stare into the Eyes of the God of War III Dynamic Theme

As part of an upcoming marketing campaign to promote God of War III, art work featuring Kratos will be featured on Slurpee cups and Mountain Dew bottles will soon be available at participating 7-Eleven stores. Not only are the cups pretty darn cool looking, but they also include codes redeemable for exclusive downloadable content such as in-game armor for Kratos and a dynamic God of War III theme for you PlayStation 3.

The God of War III dynamic theme will be sure to quench gamer’s thirst for taste of Kratos’ fury before the blockbuster’s March 16th release.

Revealed today on the official PlayStation Blog, was the upcoming dynamic theme which will be available on God of War III themed Slurpee cups starting February 1 at select 7-Eleven locations. The theme features a look into the eyes of the Ghost of Sparta himself, much like the games box art. Since the theme is animated, expect Kratos’ snarling face to be grimacing with rage.

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