Canucks Finally Getting PSN Vid Store This Year

Arguable one of the biggest gripes against PlayStation Canada by their Canadian consumers is the lack of equality among services with the other regi0ns, especially Sony Computer Entertainment America since the regions are literally neighboring each other. While items like PlayStation Network cards and an assortment of delayed PSN titles have long since passed customs into Canada, Canadians can now cross another service off of their waiting list.

At long last, the PlayStation video store is finally making its debut in Canada this year. The reveal comes straight from a PlayStation Canada employee, informing the reporter that the “video store will come Canada this year.” This confirmation can be supported further by the planned expansion of the PSN video store to PC’s, Bravia TV’s, and even other Blu-ray players.

As for the reason for the delay, we can only speculate that legal implications, especially in the market of movie media, prolonged the release this long. In any case, though, this year, Canadian’s will finally be able to get their hands (almost) everything the PlayStation Network has to offer. Next on the list? Hopefully the comic book store.