PS3 Video Streaming Options May Be Expanded

The PlayStation 3 is already without a doubt a multimedia beast for entertainment. With the PS3, there is no need for DVD players or other entertainment related devices under your TV.

Sony may want to increase the PS3’s entertainment capabilities by adding more video streaming services to the system.

In a recent interview with SI, Stan Glasgow, Sony President of Electronics in the US, has revealed that the PlayStation 3 will receive support for the BRAVIA Internet Video Link service.

I believe we have 33 million users of the Playstation Network. We’re beginning to port that network to other Sony products. We’re doing BRAVIA Internet Video Link – which is more of a streaming service than a downloading service. We’ve got that growing at a fantastic rate in our televisions right now, we added it to Blu-ray players, and we’re adding it to the PS3.

With all the recent talk of 3D being intergrated for the PS3, Glasgow spoke briefly about 3D-capable TVs:

We’re offering consumers an option, I’m not sure how companies many are doing what we’re doing – we’re fully integrating 3D TV’s to 60″ that we’ll sell. We’re also selling a line of 3D capable TV’s, with basically no increase in price.

There is no confirmation yet if the BRAVIA Internet Video Link service will go beyond the US, so don’t get your hopes up if you reside elsewhere.