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Sony Touched By Apple iPad

If you are a tech-savvy, avid follower of the latest happenings and releases in the electronic consumer market world, then there is a slight chance you heard of the Apple iPad. If not, ask anyone and their mother, and nine times out of ten, whoever is asked will know. And as if we haven’t heard enough of the sleek new device, Sony has given their take on Apple’s new tablet and let’s just say they were touched.

According to John Koller, the marketing manager at Sony Computer Entertainment, the iPad is ironically beneficial for Sony’s own PSP:

“Apple’s entrance into the portable gaming space has been a net positive for Sony. When people want a deeper, richer console, they start playing on a PSP.”

While the PlayStation Portable has long since been compared to the iPhone and it’s app store of games, SCE has remained firmly attached to the belief that the iPod’s gaming and PSP’s gaming are two entirely different markets.