Dragon Age 2 To Receive “Super Hot” Graphics

Bioware‘s first title on the PlayStation 3 was a hit amongst RPG fans. Dragon Age certainly wasn’t an eye sore, however the developers are looking to improve the action RPG visually in their next title for the series.

BioWare VP Greg Zeschuk spoke to Joystiq, confirming they are putting in a lot of work to make the graphics stand out for Dragon Age 2.

I think one of the key things we’re working on in Dragon Age 2 is the technology. I can confirm that we’re doing a lot of work on the Dragon Age engine, and doing a lot of stuff to pump it — to make it visually super hot.

I think the overall visual style we’re going to continue to evolve in Dragon Age. People are going to see some cool … I can’t really say too much, but I think Dragon Age as a world is interesting. It’s a timeline, and you can go anywhere.

BioWare’s CEO recently commented on developing Dragon Age for Sony’s system.

Dragon Age was our first title for PS3, and it’s done really well. PS3 is a great system and we enjoy developing for it, much as we enjoy developing for 360 and PC and other platforms.

The developers are also creating a few PS3 titles currently in development. Check out PlayStaionLifeStyle’s review of the RPG.