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anthem demo

Anthem’s Demo Will Have Players Start in the Middle Without Tutorials

Demo will be “generally easier.”

anthem game development

BioWare Producer Says Anthem Was in Development Before Destiny Was Released

Might Anthem be learning from Destiny’s mistakes?

anthem flight controls

BioWare Sheds Light on the Difficulty of Developing Anthem’s Flight Mechanics

Anthem’s flight mechanics set it apart from other games in the genre.

anthem loot boxes

BioWare Lead Producer Reiterates That Anthem Won’t Have Loot Boxes

They serve “no purpose.”

bioware anthem stream

BioWare Dates Next Anthem Livestream and Plans to Showcase ‘a Few New Things’

The stream will go live days ahead of the VIP demo’s launch.

anthem interceptor javelin

Speed Makes Anthem’s Interceptor Javelin a Deadly Force on the Battlefield

The Interceptor seems like the perfect Javelin for a melee build.

anthem merchandise

Numskull Debuts Its Line of Official Anthem Merchandise

Protect my wallet, please.

dragon age multiplayer

BioWare Is Hiring Dragon Age Team Members With Experience in Multiplayer Games

Might four-player co-op return for the newest Dragon Age?

anthem storm javelin gameplay

Anthem’s Storm Javelin Can Rain Down Destruction from the Skies

There are disadvantages, though.

Learn What Anthem’s The Lost Arcanist Mission Will Entail

We’ll find that arcanist!

anthem public demo

Anthem Demo Will Not Feature the Game’s Final Build

The demo will have a specific build of its own.

anthem story length

It’s Difficult to Compare Anthem’s Story Length to Other BioWare Titles, Says Devs

Expect the main story path to feature lots of content, though.

BioWare founders

BioWare Co-Founders Honored for Gaming Contributions With Order of Canada

Oh, Canada!

Anthem loot

Anthem’s End-Game Loot Can be Obtained Earlier, But It’s Rare

Acquiring end-game loot early? Yes, please.

anthem squad play

BioWare Producer Says Anthem ‘Shines’ When Playing With a Team

Players who play solo may not feel as rewarded.

anthem legion of dawn edition

Preorder Anthem’s Legion of Dawn Edition to Access Exclusive Javelin Skins

There’s lore to be found in Anthem’s preorder content trailer.

anthem demo progress

Progress Made in Anthem’s Demo Won’t Transfer to the Main Game

There’s still no word on what content will feature in the demos.

anthem trailer

BioWare Offers Detailed Breakdown of Anthem’s TGA 2018 Trailer

There’s a lot to unpack here.

Anthem vip demo

Try Anthem Early With a January 25th VIP Demo

The demo is scheduled to end on January 27, 2019.

anthem story trailer

An Intimidating New Enemy Debuts in Anthem’s Latest Story Trailer

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.