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anthem javelin customization

All Anthem Javelins Have 8 Parts That Can Be Customized

The sheer amount of detail is remarkable.

western video games

Developers We Would Like to See Make Western Video Games Like RDR2

Just think of the possibilities!

bioware anthem live stream

Learn How You Can Personalize Your Javelin in BioWare’s Next Anthem Livestream

Enter The Forge.

mass effect n7 armor

Players Will Be Able to Dress Their Anthem Javelin Suits in Mass Effect N7 Armor

It seems a perfect fit.

n7 day 2018

BioWare Releases a Video for N7 Day, Giving Mass Effect Fans Hope

Mass Effect’s not dead.

Anthem Demo Release

Anthem’s Internal Alpha Test at Bioware Results in Welcome Quality-of-Life Fixes

Javelins ain’t gonna tweak themselves.

Anthem javelin Abilities

Here’s Why You Don’t Upset the Javelins in Anthem

It’s not because they’re sensitive.

ea anthem excitement

EA Says We’ll See More Anthem After the Holidays

The game supposedly plays “extremely well.”

anthem first mission

Anthem’s First Mission Shown Off in New Gameplay Video

Get a look at Anthem’s first mission and ultimate abilities.

anthem game livestream

Catch the Anthem Livestream on November 1, 2018

A specific time has not yet been revealed.

video game butts

We Have Laura Kate Dale to Thank for a Book About Video Game Butts

No butts, no glory.

A Little Look at Lore: The Illusive Man Origin Story

Let the Illusive Man’s origin story be illusive no more!

Dragon Age Comic Book

Head Into the Tevinter Imperium in Dragon Age: Deception

Dive deeper.

Anthem Interceptor Javelin

Get a Closer Look at Anthem’s Interceptor Javelin

Just your everyday rocket boosting assassin.

Origins of Anthem’s Fort Tarsis Explained in New Developer Blog

You’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Details On Anthem’s Storm Javelin Emerge

If Iron Man were a mage.


Mass Effect Design Challenge Begins In Celebration of N7 Day

The Collectors want your designs.

anthem gameplay focus

Anthem Director Calls the Focus on Gameplay ‘Refreshing’ for BioWare

But creating an immersive world is still very important.

anthem reaches alpha milestone

Anthem Reaches Alpha Milestone, Entire Game is ‘Functioning’

So close, yet so far.

play anthem early

BioWare Explains How You Can Play Anthem Before Launch

There are 3 ways to play Anthem early.