God of War III Brings Chaos to NASCAR Track

In the past Sony has been criticized for their lack of advertising when it comes to their major games. Sure, they have commercials, but when compared to Nintendo and Microsoft, they tend to fail in comparison. With God of War III, Sony seems to be pulling out the big guns for what could possibly be one of the top 5 games released in 2010. We reported about the 7-11 Slurpee drinks, cups, and Free DLC the other day, now we’re here to report about the blazing fast advantage that Sony will have advertising Kratos’ ‘final’ adventure.

Behold…the #20 Nationwide GOD OF WAR III NASCAR Car! Sponsored by Sony and Gamestop, this glorious piece of machinery will take to the track on March 20th, during the Scotts Turf Builder 300 Race at none other than the legendary Bristol Motor Speedway. The New #20 Car is driven by Joey Logano, who races for Joe Gibbs Racing, and just happens to be one of the hottest up and coming young drivers in NASCAR today.

The current concept art appears to feature an image similar to the God of War III Box art, though the picture stats that the image isn’t the final design, so who knows how awesome it could look when it finally takes to the track.

NASCAR has a dedicated fan base and this form of advertisement could help Sony tremendously with getting the word out about God of War III. Just in-case you need a reminder, Kratos battle against Zues and the Gods comes to an end on March 16th. Make sure you don’t miss it!