“No Greater Crime” Than Delaying A Game Says Kojima

The mastermind behind the Metal Gear Series, Hideo Kojima, believes, “there is no greater crime” than delaying a game.

After recently delaying his latest title, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Hideo Kojima has commented on his blog, speaking about pushing games back.

I always preach to the staff. You must not have a delay after a release date has been announced. There is no greater crime as a game developer.

Official announcement of a release date is nothing less than a promise to fans and business partners. In other words, a release date change is like betraying the expectations of everyone.

It probably takes a long time to earn back trust [from fans] that has been lost. However we will work hard, with the hope that we will one day earn the support of everyone again.

The strong message comes after the developer delayed Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for Japan.

The May 25 release for the US and May 28 release for the UK are not affected for the PSP exclusive.