3D Gaming Coming Sooner than Expected

February 11, 2010Written by Kyle P.

Sony has been unrelentingly pushing 3D gaming since last month’s Consumer Electronics Show. There, Sony was the biggest promoter of the revived format. Multiple interviews from Sony reps confirmed that the PS3 would be the focal point for Sony’s 3D push. Saying that, the console would receive an update for 3D support, later this year. However, leaked screenshots may indicate that the firmware is closer than most of us expected.

The following screenshots, courtesy of VG247, reveal that Firmware 3.2 will be the FW to finally enable 3D gaming.

Whether or not these screen captures are legitimate, is yet to be determined. So, let’s take this with a grain of salt. However, 3D gaming is, indeed, coming to the PS3. Just at CES, SCEA’s John Koller stated:

“It’s gonna take just a simple firmware update which most people do regularly anyway, and that’s all it’s gonna take to accolade the PS3 to 3D gaming.”

“It’s just a simple firmware update on the hardware.”

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