God of War III: Ultimate Edition Could Ultimately be Rare

February 15, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

It’s become quite common for major game releases to be accompanied by some sort of limited edition alongside the standard edition of the game. With Modern Warfare 2, Activision went as far as to offer 2 special editions, a “hardened” edition and a “prestige” edition which included night-vision goggles among other goodies. Most limited, special or collector’s editions aren’t worth the added cash, but for some reason many avid gamers simply must buy what they feel to be the rarest version of the game. It seems as though the Ultimate Edition of Kratos’ latest adventure, God of War III will be another one of those rare, hard to find, limited editions, as pre-orders for God of War III: Ultimate Edition have already sold out at one major online retailer.

Despite its $99.99 MSRP, the God of War III Ultimate Edition has already sold out at Amazon.com. It originally went out of stock last week via Amazon with the $89.99 discounted price, but instead Target’s new store at Amazon.com was offered as an alternative to order for the full $99 price. Now, even that has sold out, leaving you with only the option to sign up for alerts if the game ever becomes available again.

It seems now that only brick and mortar retailers will give you the opportunity to pre-order the definitive edition of the newest installment of the God of War franchise. If you were waiting to pick it up on release date, don’t wait and pre-order now, as it may be hard to come by a copy.

If you’re skipping the Ultimate Edition and instead opting for the standard edition, Amazon.com is offering a $10 credit when you purchase God of War III at the price of $56.99, you’ll also get an Amazon exclusive in-game “Apollo Skin”. Click here to pre-order now.