Polyphony Digital Drive Improved Visuals to GT5

February 15, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

With the highly-anticipated release of both gameplay and footage in the past 6 months, Polyphony Digital have received high praise for the visuals in Gran Turismo 5. Despite being hailed by many as the best-looking racing game to date, the recent release of the GT5 Time Trial Challenge left much to be desired by fans, and many considered it a disappointing sign of the final release. However, Polyphony Digital are masters of the genre and have vastly improved the visuals in the past few months.

An official video of the GT Academy 2010 finals has been released and shows much improved graphics over previous builds of Gran Turismo 5. One thing worth noting is that Polyphony Digital declared the game’s content “finished” nearly 6-months ago. The past months and also the future of development have all been reserved for debugging, enhancement and polish of the final build. As seen in the image above, the details of the grass alone have been improved drastically.

Be sure to check out the video below to see the improvements made to the visuals of Gran Turismo 5, which are remarkable and still a work in progress.