Trine Most Likely To Stay PlayStation Exclusive

Frozenbyte‘s Joel Kinnunen’s has commented on how the Xbox 360 port of Trine is coming along. In fact it might not be coming at all.

On the firm’s website, one of Frozenbyte’s team members, Joel Kinnunen, stated that action-platformer Trine will most likely be staying on the PlayStation 3 and PC only.

It’s out of our hands but most likely will not happen. Sorry. (We probably won’t comment on this any further.)
“It’s a fun romp for anyone who enjoys a good side scrolling adventure game, and will take several hours to unlock all of the cleverly hidden items,” reads PlayStation LifeStyle’s review, check it out to see what the game is all about.

Note: When we say “PlayStation Exclusive”, we mean in terms of consoles. Trine is also available on PC as clearly stated (and now bolded) above.