OPM Teases “Very Special” PS3 Shooter

February 18, 2010Written by Zak Islam

If the world exclusive PS3 announcement GamesRadar delivered a few days back didn’t just do it for you, then maybe this will. The Official Playstation Magazine Podcast has teased a “very special” PlayStation 3 game to be announced soon.

The Editor-In-Chief Tim Clark for the OPM Podcast has spoken about what the next podcast will reveal.

Next time we’ll be talking shooters with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Vanquish and another very special game yet to be announced.

Intriguing indeed. Most likely a shooter, gamers will probably be looking forward to it more than GamesRadar’s recent announcement, which turned out to be a PlayStation Network magazine for Europe. Hopefully we’ll also hear some new information on Future Solider, a promising looking tactical shooter from Ubisoft.

Stay tuned in to PlayStation LifeStyle as we reveal what the game is once the podcast is live. Maybe Resistance 3 or Killzone 3, let us know in the comments what game you think it could be?