New Ghost Recon Looking To Revolutionize The Shooting Genre

Since Ghost Recon: Future Solider was announced, fans have been wondering what the game will deliver that other shooters currently on the market don’t have. The game’s creative director explains why.

Ubisoft‘s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’s creative director Olivier Dauba, has given some influential words on the game’s new website:

Well, it’s time for us to fight back. We didn’t want to come out with another old-style GRAW game — as far as we were concerned there was no point in doing “just” that. That much was clear from the very beginning on this game. Everybody expects quality, and we’ll still deliver on it like we did on the previous games. True innovation, however, is definitely harder to come by these days. Our aim was to come up with something that would change the playing field, and go where others have not yet been. There’s room for improvement left in the shooter genre, folks, and we’re taking you there to the war of tomorrow.

That was our challenge on this one: coming up with something that will change the way people play shooters together, something that is both incredibly simple and obvious, but that nobody has thought of before.

Future Soldier’s teaser video will give you an insight as to what this upcoming tactical shooter is all about. The game is to arrive on handhelds as well as console counterparts. The future of war is coming this fall 2010.