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The Assassin’s Creed Franchise has Sold 73 Million Units, Prince of Persia is at 20 Million

Ubisoft has updated their sales numbers for key franchises.

Child of Light

Child of Light PAX East Preview (PS4/PS3)

My precious!


Ubisoft Clarifies VR Comments: 1 Million is “Not a Literal Number”

They have nothing new to share about VR at this point.


Far Cry 4 Rumored to Take Place in the Himalayas

I’m cool with elephant transport


The Catch-Up: March 19th & 20th, 2014 – Epic Isn’t Working on a new Unreal Tournament

Ubisoft won’t support VR until 1 million units are sold; April 2014 PS+ free games being revealed next week.


Watch Dogs Story Length Estimated at 35-40 Hours

100 hours to do everything


Ubisoft PSP/PS Vita Sale on the US/CA PlayStation Store has Begun

So have the Back to 2013 and PS Vita 2nd Birthday sales. Prepare to part with some money!


Ubisoft Q3 Financials: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Shipped About 10 Million Units, Rocksmith 2014 Disappointed

Just Dance impresses once again.


Tetris is Coming to the PS4 & Xbox One From Ubisoft

And now the music is stuck in my head. Great.


Ubisoft Confirms Far Cry: The Wild Expedition for Europe, Announces Far Cry Classic As Downloadable Game

A wild expedition through 4 Far Cry games


Rumor: Ubisoft to Release Two Assassin’s Creed Games in 2014: One for Current Gen, One For Last Gen

Double assassination


Digital Prices on PS4 Games in the UK PlayStation Store Lowered to Match Xbox One Digital Prices

EA and Ubisoft made the right call.