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Monster Hunter Tri Heading To The PSP?

February 20, 2010Written by Zak Islam

The Monster Hunter series has been a huge hit for Capcom and the PSP, with the last game selling 4.5 million copies worldwide.  However many fans were left scratching their heads when, Monster Hunter Tri was scrapped for the PS3 and in favor for the Wii.  Don’t fret though, as a recent rumor says that the series will return to PlayStation.

The source of the rumor is Hong Kong magazine Gamewave , whose latest cover says that Monster Hunter Tri Portable for PSP will be shipping to retail by the end of this year.

In typical fashion,  Capcom has refused to comment, stating only that they refuse to comment on rumor and speculation but that they will be releasing Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii this Spring. The idea of the port makes sense, as the series has sold very well for the PlayStation Portable, and the game is the perfect companion for a long trip.