Kick-Ass Taking Names on the PSN

February 24, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Life has been good for Comic Book Creator Mark Millar. First the movie based off his ‘Wanted’ mini-series was a smash film (and a mediocre game), then his  Ultra-Violent comic ‘Kick-Ass’ was optioned for a film not even 2 issues into the series. Next up? Kick-Ass is going to be taking names exclusively on the PSN this April.

Releasing day and date with the film, Kick-Ass The Game is being developed by WHA Entertainment and actually looks like it will appeal to fans of the acclaimed comic. You’ll be able to play as three of the main heroes: Kick-Ass, Big Daddy, and Hit Girl. The most interesting aspect of the game? It will feature full Facebook & Twitter integration. It will also have ‘Facebook missions’, although it doesn’t explain much beyond that. Sony mentioned that there was more to their Facebook firmware update a few months back. Could this be the first sign of it?

Kick-Ass the Movie hits on April 15th. Being an avid comic book fan, I seriously recommend that you check out the comic– it’s an excellent read and is funny as hell. Oh yeah, it’s also really violent. Who doesn’t love violence!?

Here’s the link to the game’s Official Website. Check out the trailer to the movie and let us know what you think about the game’s potential in the comments below.


Thanks to andreas for the tip!