Stuart Black Has Harsh Comments for Current Shooters

February 25, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Modern Warfare 2, Fear 2, Killzone 2, and Army Of Two all make use of cover mechanics, and they are “f***ing boring”, according to Stuart Black, senior designer of EA Criterion’s shooter, Black. Black has criticized current shooters in the market saying all you do in these shooters is penetrate bullets into heads and then go back for cover, rinse and repeat.

Creator of PS2 and Xbox shooter Black, Stuart Black, has taken aim at current shooters in the market. The former Criterion man had some harsh comments while he was speaking to OXM.

There’s a lot of cover-based shooters out at the moment. But when a guy hunkers down behind something, you’ve just got to sit there and wait for him to pop his head up.Pops up, couple of bullets to his head, pops back down again… and I’m waiting for him to pop back up again?

F***ing boring. I can’t be bothered hanging around like that.

Stuart Black recently joined a new studio created by Codemasters based in Guildford, where the Black creator and a team are working on a new shooter for the firm. The game the developers are working on is currently unclear, but the Official PlayStation Magazine are due to cover it in the next issue.