FIFA 10 Shooting For Glory With Ultimate Team

FIFA 10 took the sports genre by storm upon its release back last year in October, becoming the fastest selling sports game in history and is well on its way to 10 million units sold. EA Sports have supported the game well since its release on a regular base by adding squad updates, fixes, stadium downloads and are now releasing FIFA 10 Ultimate Team.

EA Sports FIFA 10 Ultimate Team is now available on the PlayStation Store and costs £3.99 (~$5.99). The game mode expansion creates a completely new way of playing the award winning title. This year enables gamers to manage one or multiple squads simultaneously, and compete against other gamers in dynamically updated online tournaments. Fans will be able to experience the game mode by creating a team with a starter pack of players which they can later expand. A five game free trail can be downloaded via the game’s menu for a taster.

Featuring over 7,500 of the best football stars in the world to choose from, gamers can emulate the way real-world coaches and managers build the truly great football teams. Players can choose how to manage your team, mainly focusing on creating one threatening squad, to match requirements for competitions and tournaments. Buy, sell, trade and acquire the biggest stars to build your team with FIFA Ultimate Team. A completely redesigned chemistry system built around player relationships on the pitch means that managing teams and squads to their full potential is even more critical than ever before. Take your fully assembled squads into standard tournaments and competitions against the most fierce teams from around the world created by other players, and ultimately see if you can beat them in every aspect – strategically and mentally.