FIFA 10 Scores Stunner As It Soars Through 9 Million Units

EA has confirmed that FIFA 10 has sold just short of 10 million units, making it the fastest selling sports game of all time. FIFA 10 has sold over 9 million units since its blockbuster release back in October.

The exact figure for the football title was given a staggering 9.7 million units in Lifetime-to-Date numbers. The news comes in as EA’s Q3 financials got revealed.

At one point, FIFA 10 became the second biggest video game launch in the United Kingdom. EA also announced that over 2 million units of FIFA 10 have been sold in the United Kingdom.

It taught Naughty Dog a lesson, as the game racked up an accumulative of nearly 2 million units sold in only its first week across Europe. 75 percent of the football sales in Europe belonged to FIFA 10 alone.

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