FIFA 10 Scores Over 2 Million Units Sold

At one point, FIFA 10 became the second biggest video game launch in the United Kingdom, and now EA has announced how much further progress the game’s sales have made.

After EA Sports announced their new FIFA World Cup game, the firm announced that over 2 million units of FIFA 10 have been sold in the UK.

Trevor Uzice, marketing director of EA Sports speaks about the Football title:

There’s no denying FIFA 10 is the best football game ever and the innovations we have brought to the genre over the years have helped get us to where we are now.

We’re all massive football fans and that definitely comes across in our campaigns. All departments work closely to make sure we’re taking the game to the right audiences and maximise every opportunity.

FIFA 10 is a season-long franchise and we’re excited to be releasing FIFA Ultimate Team in February. My Live Season, which launched in October, is a much fuller experience than it was on FIFA 09 and, again, it’s gone down very well with our community.

Most of the sales of the sports title were without a doubt helped by Tesco’s first day cut price of £24.97 (around $40). Check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s review of FIFA 10.