EA Removes All Previous FIFA Games from Digital Storefronts

Publisher Electronic Arts has pulled previous FIFA titles from digital storefronts just days before the launch of EA Sports FC 24.

Like a FIFA in the night

Every digital edition of the long-running football series from FIFA 14 to last year’s FIFA 23 can no longer be purchased. Industry Analyst MauroNL discovered the games had been delisted and posted it on X (formerly Twitter).

It’s not entirely surprising, given EA split from the FIFA brand last year after a partnership of nearly 30 years. This year is the first game in the series not to sport the FIFA name, now rebranded EA Sports FC 24.

At present, EA has made no official statement on the delistings, so there’s no certainty about the permanence of the decision. As FIFA is supposedly working on a separate football game, and the license is no longer with EA, it seems unlikely they will return.

The dawn of a new era has not been particularly dazzling as the PS5 edition of EA Sports FC 24 sits on a 75 on Metacritic. The general consensus seems to be that it may be a different name on the door, but it’s still the same old business.

EA Sports FC 24 officially releases on Friday, September 29, 2023. Those who pre-ordered the Special Edition accessed the game a week ago.