PS3 Review – FIFA 10

Considering how extraordinary FIFA 09 was and the jump it made from the previous year, FIFA 10 has a lot to live up to. EA could have just re-created the very successful FIFA 09 with some minor tweaks and additions. Does FIFA 10 deliver another revolution or is it a marginal successor?

The first thing seasoned players will notice is the all new 360-degree feature. This provides much more accurate and realistic player control.  Graphically, FIFA 10 holds up to its predecessor and EA has improved the visuals in almost every respect.

Fans will come across famous arenas from all over the globe, allowing them to roam around, take shots and penalties, and improve their free kicks. FIFA 10 offers a dramatic difference in options for more freedom in the arena. Practice matches are a much needed and welcome addition to the series. Other modes include creating very customizable set pieces.

The fan favorite Manager Mode, which is the main season mode, has been tweaked for the latest FIFA, though it doesn’t really improve much from the previous manager mode. FIFA 10’s launch was riddled with various issues, and most have been patched, but Manager mode could still use some developer attention. The newly introduced ‘player interest factor’ integrated in manager mode, makes it very difficult to purchase a player. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however, as it adds to the challenge of getting a superstar on the team and adds value to the players.

The computer players’ intelligence has been improved and provides more of a challenge, especially on a higher difficulty. Players generally respond better to in-game situations and actions, although goal-keepers sometimes may not make an easy catch or a player might not respond to a ball being passed to him.

In this year’s FIFA, the Live Season 2.0 mode allows your club to be mirrored to the real world. Players who have been improving their game in real matches or not getting many matches due to injury will show in Live Season if you have purchased it. The included free trail will give a taste of what to expect from Live Season.

The other modes include Be A Pro, Season, Tournament Mode, Lounge Mode and Virtual Pro. Virtual Pro adds something new to the franchise: it allows you to create your own game face which can be uploaded at EA’s website and used in all game modes, excluding ranked online matches. You can unlock accomplishments in many modes where the created player can be showcased, such as the player arena where you can gain points to improve the player’s abilities.

The graphics as a whole are stunning and vastly improve the previous iteration on many fronts. Animations are fluid and lifelike. Particular attention has been given to the athlete’s faces which is apparent after scoring a screamer. The weather effects certainly should get a mention as well, as they add to the gameplay. A bit of rain or snow on the field can wreck havoc on the offense and defense alike.

The online component in FIFA is the real wow factor of the title. It is without a doubt the most addictive mode in the franchise. FIFA 10 delivers a whole new type of skill point system, judging you on your teamplay and performanc,e which gives you a sense of satisfaction upon thrashing someone 5-0 in a game. The online receives regular support from EA, with constant updates regarding squad downloads and game updates. Another spectacular multiplayer mode is ‘Tournament Mode’. This allows you to create a tournament for a private league, be it against computer players or friends and family. There are hours of potential fun to be enjoyed within the Tournament mode.

EA Sports has once again delivered a title which will entertain you for countless hours. The few flaws should not detract from the solid experience which it delivers. FIFA 10 has taken the ball and sprinted an extra mile, exceeding what it achieved last year and building on that foundation.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Great variations of game modes

A few minor issues and launch setbacks hardly detract

Graphics surpass expectations

8 out of 10