Final Fantasy XV Has Infinite Possibilities

The Final Fantasy series has been one of the highest-selling and most recognized video game series of all time. Final Fantasy XIII, the first title of the series to embrace the current generation, is only weeks away and is highly anticipated by many. Even with FFXIII as well as two other Final Fantasy titles in production, Square Enix is already thinking about what’s next for the series.

During an interview with Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase, Kitase showed interest in the next major single-player installation for the series. Kitase stated the following:

“We’ve got a few ideas for Final Fantasy XV lined up, but there is no singular aim for where we want the series to go. Final Fantasy can go in all directions, each one is very different from the last. The one thing we set out to do is to make sure we tell a story that hasn’t been told before.”

The Final Fantasy series has slowly gone from huge open-worlds with tons of exploration to linear story-driven experiences which we see today. Even with an MMORPG and Final Fantasy Versus in development, it seems that Square Enix is already planning ahead. Where the series will go is anyone’s guess, but hopefully the evolution will change the series for the better.

Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIV are set to debut this year, while Final Fantasy Versus XIII is set for 2011.