Warhawk on Sale, Lightbox Gives New Title Clue

February 26, 2010Written by Dan Massi

Along with a similar Capcom sale, a very familiar PlayStation 3 online-only title has taken an nose dive in price. Yes, Warhawk is the latest PSN title to get a tremendous price cut, as Dylan Jobe (founder of Lightbox Interactive) has announced a new sale for the game.

The limited time sale will offer Warhawk for the low price of $14.99. The expansion packs for the multiplayer title, Omega Dawn, Operation: Broken Mirror, and Operation: Falling Star, have been reduced to $4.99 each. Or, you can alternatively pick up all three for $9.99.

Dylan Jobe, who is currently developing a new title with Lightbox Interactive, had something quite interesting to say at the end of the blog post.

A lot has changed for us over the last year — we started our new studio LightBox Interactive, moved to Austin, and we’ve been cranking on the development of our new game that both our Warhawk fans *and* new players are going to love! The team and I are wicked excited about how it’s shaping up and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

What sort of title will Warhawk fans, plus new players, love? Perhaps the rumored Starhawk? You never know. While you wait for the possible announcement of Starhawk, why don’t you download Warhawk and give it a whirl?