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PS3 Shooter Starhawk’s Online Features to Shut Down Today

There was no prior notification.

Metacritic Believes 2012 Sucked, Black Ops Declassified is the Lowest Rated PS Vita Title

AMY is the second worst PS3 title.

Best PS3 Exclusive of 2012 Award

Retail games only.

Gamefly’s Under $15 Used Game Sale Includes Starhawk For $10

Sorcery for $10.

Starhawk Goes Update Crazy Next Week, Single-Player Free for PS Plus Subscribers

Now this is what I call post-launch support!

Two New Maps Arrive for Starhawk via 1.03 Update for Free

Free maps? Sign me up!

The First 30 Minutes of: Starhawk

Since the original Warhawk was released early in the PS3’s life cycle,Read the full article…

Next Wave of the Starhawk Beta Rolls Out

The next wave of the Stawhawk beta has gone live, so thoseRead the full article…

Starhawk Devs Talk Beta Feedback and Free Downloadable Content

The Starhawk closed beta ended last week on January 3rd, but don’tRead the full article…

Dylan Jobe Details Starhawk Beta

Now that 2012 is here, it’s time to begin looking forward toRead the full article…

Uncharted 3 to Include Starhawk Beta Code [Update]

Update: SCEE have confirmed that European Uncharted 3 owners will get accessRead the full article…

LightBox Interactive to Treat Warhawk Fans with Starhawk Beta Access

It was just a few days ago that we learned the excitingRead the full article…

Starhawk Beta Will be a Public Affair

In a comment on the PlayStation Blog, the head honcho of Lightbox Interactive, Dylan Jobe made a small reveal of his studio’s plans.

Introducing Starhawk’s Vast New Universe

Starhawk is taking the Warhawk franchise to a whole new level, byRead the full article…

Metal Gear Solid 4 Veteran Voice Actor Lands Lead Role in Starhawk

Voice acting can make or break a story-driven game, and some ofRead the full article…

Starhawk – E3 Impressions

Lightbox Interactive approached Starhawk with the goal of differentiating it from theRead the full article…

New Starhawk Trailer Takes to the Skies

In 2010, Incognito Entertainment, developers of Warhawk and Twisted Metal: Black, shutRead the full article…

Starhawk Starts Capturing the Flag in Latest Video

A behind-the-scenes video of LightBox Interactive playing Starhawk‘s capture the flag modeRead the full article…