Two New Maps Arrive for Starhawk via 1.03 Update for Free

Starhawk developer LightBox Interactive has just announced that an update for their online action game will go live later today and bring with it two brand-new maps. According to the official reveal on the PlayStation Blog, the two maps are called Cypress: Collider and Cypress: Origin and will be completely free of charge.

The update also bring a handful of other changes to the experience, including added Prestige levels, an updated voice chat system that provides a much more stable way to communicate with your teammates, team-balancing fixes, a ranked option, and loads more.

It’s great to see a developer so dedicated to supporting their product months after its release, especially considering the fact that all of this content is being provided for free. Believe it or not, the team is already hard at work on update 1.4, so you can expect to be playing Starhawk for quite a while as more content is on the way.