Starhawk Devs Talk Beta Feedback and Free Downloadable Content

The Starhawk closed beta ended last week on January 3rd, but don’t delete the beta if you took part. The game’s producer, Howard Bonin has spoken out about the upcoming public beta as well as the developer’s plans for downloadable content once the game has been released.

He described Starhawk‘s eventual DLC plans as “surprising”. Like Warhawk before it, DLC will come in both free and premium flavors. Since Warhawk, LightBox Interactive have had the chance to re-evaluate their strategy for deploying new content:

Actually, I can’t go into specifics, but we do have a bunch of free DLC planned…and it might be surprising. We, of course, have stuff we are happy to take your money for, too! We rethought our DLC strategy and we’ll reveal more about it as we get closer to release.

So how did the private beta test go? The longtime Warhawk players who were invited to the private beta seemed to enjoy the game despite some ups and downs. Players described the game as having a high fun factor, Howard mentioned he even joined the fray spending long evenings playing with community members. The team received so much data that they were able to make almost daily adjustments to the game through player feedback.

The open beta for Starhawk is expected to begin in a few weeks time and will be open to all PlayStation Plus subscribers.

[Source: RespawnAction]