Dylan Jobe Details Starhawk Beta

January 6, 2012Written by Jonathan Leack

Now that 2012 is here, it’s time to begin looking forward to another year of hot releases. One of this year’s most promising exclusives is Starhawk, the long-rumored spiritual successor to Warhawk that was revealed last year. Closed beta testing has been running for over a month now, and now that the inevitable open beta is upon us, the game’s Director has stepped in to share the details.

Dylan Jobe confirmed that all current Starhawk beta testers will be able to take part in testing during the open beta coming soon. His Twitter post states:

Private BETA Testers are *AUTOMATICALLY* granted access to the Public BETA. Just don’t delete Starhawk from your HDD!!!

He also mentioned that a 1.2 update will coincide with the open beta release, which presumably will include some adjustments that closed beta testers have asked for. Additionally, ALL PlayStation Plus subscribers will participate in the open beta. If you want to ensure that you get to play Starhawk before it releases later this year, you’ll have to subscribe to PlayStation Plus.