LightBox Interactive to Treat Warhawk Fans with Starhawk Beta Access

It was just a few days ago that we learned the exciting news that a Starhawk beta is as close to guaranteed as they come. Better yet, the beta is supposed to be public, something that we don’t see too often with games on console platforms, especially exclusives. While that sounds great, given Starhawk‘s popularity the demand will be extraordinary, so throwing out a public beta would be a quick way to bring down the servers. Because of that, I’m almost certain a closed beta will come first. So who gets access to the closed beta?

The Senior Producer of Starhawk, Harvard Bonin, was recently asked for more details on the game’s beta, and he was prompt to show some deep respect for the Warhawk fans around the world who are referred to in its community as “Warheads”. Harvard stated:

The Warheads are gamers that we really care about and want to make sure they are front in line for news, updates and things like the Beta.

He continued:

We haven’t given any official word but we will certainly do our best to make sure they get first dibs on this sort of thing.

Starhawk shares many qualities with Warhawk, but goes above and beyond with a single-player component, RTS mechanics, and setting based in space. Making sure that the fans who enjoy LightBox Interactive’s style of games are able to provide feedback as soon as possible could go a long way toward ensuring the game has the “it” factor.