Starhawk Beta Will be a Public Affair

When it comes to most multiplayer games, especially those expected to push consoles, a beta test of the game is to be expected. We have known for a while now that Starhawk would be receiving a beta test, but we didn’t know how it would be handed out, until now.

In a comment on the PlayStation Blog, the head honcho of Lightbox Interactive, Dylan Jobe made a small reveal of his studio’s plans.

Rest assured that Harvard [Bonin, senior producer Sony Santa Monica] and we at LightBox Interactive will make damn sure there is a really great public BETA for Starhawk — when the time is right 😉

This will provide a nice chance for people not in a program like PlayStation Plus to get a chance to experience the beta from the very beginning of its launch, which we still have no idea when that will be. Whenever it is, you can expect a huge turnout from the PlayStationLifeStyle crew, who loved the game at this years E3.