Starhawk Goes Gold, Beta Players & Warhawk Players To Receive Free Gift Items

LightBox Interactive has announced that Starhawk has gone gold and that Starhawk beta players — in addition to Warhawk players who played the Starhawk beta — will receive exclusive free in-game gift items.

On the PS Blog, LightBox Interactive President Dylan Jobe has announced that Starhawk has gone gold and that beta testers will receive exclusive in-game gifts for participating in the game’s beta.

Anyone who participated in the Starhawk beta will receive The Hand of the Founder accessory, a gold, glowing, atom-like item that floats around a player character’s right hand. The item symbolizes that the player is a “founder” of Starhawk and had a hand in its creation.

The reward for Starhawk beta players who were also Warhawk players is the Warhawk Paint Set, which offers the olive-drab paint scheme of Warhawk‘s Eucadians and the gunmetal scheme of the Chernovans as selectable paint schemes for any vehicle.

The items released to the beta testers will never be released to the public or sold. Details on how the gifts will be distributed will be revealed later in a follow-up post on the PS Blog.

To view the “Gone Gold” video, click on the video below:

Starhawk releases exclusively for PS3 on May 8th.

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